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The East Village is Dead mural outside Mars Bar

5 thoughts on “The-East-Village-is-Dead”

  1. E. Village has been dying since “Da Line” or 14th Street Divide vanished in mid 90s. I think it really began when the Christodora on Ave. B sold it’s penthouse for millions. Then some years later Downtown Beirut on 1st Ave closed (Best jukebox ever). But really I felt it died when I was in Phoenix on E. 13th St. and overheard two gay guys conversing about their finances and dividends. It was dreadful. To be obnoxious I asked what they thought of Wayne County. They replied, “where’s that?” with confusion in their eyes. I answered, “Exactly what I thought.” Then CBGB’s Gallery and record store had already been closed and of course then the main CBs closed and packed up to become a tourist attraction in Vegas. To me the EV is clearly the Upper Lower East Side. Oh well. Manhattan really is the most suburban place on earth now filled with former suburbanites who don’t mind 4 Starbucks in Astor Place. This is also the nature of NYC; every dozen of years or so it completely changes into a different city. The 14th Street Divide is now the East River and the Hudson River to some degree. But the EV still has Pyramid and 7A and Veselka. But seeing a Quiznos on St Marks is rather daunting. The neighborhood will never put out talents like Ann Magnuson, RuPaul, Mistress Formika, Madonna, James St. James, Lady Bunny, Wendy Wild, et al. And Wigstock. Oh well. Anyone want to have a funeral procession along Ave. A. “Hello Death. Good-bye Ave. A.” (Ann Magnuson)

    1. Hi,

      sorry, haven’t been keeping up with this blog and didn’t see your message until now. Oh yes – the Village has been going for awhile. I actually found it got better after 9-11, a little less trendy and full of itself, but that might have just been my experience. I don’t go down much now. What for? There’s something supremely irritating about getting carded at every place I go to, by doormen who are ten or more years my junior.

      The finance and dividend boys. Whatever happened to Wayne (Jane) County anyway?


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