Demonstrations in London

Don’t know if this is a harbinger of things to come, but a big anti-Israeli demonstration hit London this weekend. Protestors clashed with riot police, then trashed a Starbucks. Poor Starbucks!

From the Guardian:

From the Telegraph:

Organizers put the numbers at 100,000, the police at 20,000, the BBC at 50,000. What I find most interesting about these protests/ riots is that they happened at all. I was at the 2001 Anti-globalization protests in Quebec City (as a spectator – although I did have the pleasure of being gassed a couple of times) and I was thinking during the Greek riots how long it’s been since we’ve seen anything similar in England or North America – how completely 9-11 shut down our ability to dissent.

   What are these riots about really? Often the political cause is just an excuse. With all the anger that’s been floating about for the last few years, even before the financial crash, I wonder if this is just a beginning.