Martin Luther King Day

Pensive Martin Luther King jr. Tis Martin Luther King Day here in the US and A . . .

I found this on youtube (where else), the entire ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, from MLK walking on the podium to the incredible finish. I’ve never heard the speech in its entirety before, only the great cadence towards the end. The whole is as complex and beautiful as lyric poetry, about as good as oratory gets. As moving as it was when I first heard it as a teenager in small-town Canada (off a recording off course – I’m not THAT old . . .)

From 1968, Martin Luther King’s last speech, before he was assassinated. You can hear the anger in his voice, and maybe resignation as well, not for his cause, but for his own fate.

“I may not get there with you . . . but we as a people will reach the promised land . . . ”

The very best of American oratory, the great ideals which still guide the American nation, despite everything . . .


  1. I had read this blog yesterday but after 10 hours of bus travel and meetings the next day I was useless. Then I saw your posting and remembered I had wanted to comment.

    During our MLK celebartion we watched the Eyes on the Prize episode on Dr. King and that speech once again shattered my heart. It was and will always be one of the greatest moments in courage and faith.

    • Thanks CO! It was great to see the whole thing, to see the context for the surge at the end – and to see MLK’s anger towards the end of his life.


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