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The Great Tower of Planet Toronot


CN Tower shrouded in lingering Presbyterian fog

CN Tower shrouded in lingering Presbyterian fog over Planet Toronot

On Planet Toronot, they have erected a monument to their most salient and indeeddefining trait, a pervasive and all-consuming insecurity. This monument, seen shrouded here on a winter’s afternoon in the Presbyterian fog which continually pervades the city, is principally designed to attract the attention of neighboring Planet America yet no one in Toronot is surprised that the Americans, as they are known, pay no attention to the tower – or Planet Toronot – whatsoever.

   In fact the Tower is designed to be ignored, not just by the Americans, but by all the other planets in the sphere, thereby reminding the Toronotians of their inconsequence, and reinforcing their insecurity . . .