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Anti-war protesters, New York City

Protests in New York City

2 thoughts on “Anti-war protesters, New York City”

  1. American government suck there people blood like bed bug..There is problem in america education they produce human blood sucker.And i think most of american people are sleeping or careless, everyone hate american people.I don’t know why educated person do such evil thing. why you people love human american people love dogs but not love human.Anti-war protesters are the real peace lover i am with you for peace.

    1. HI,

      thanks for the comment. I don’t know where you’re writing from, but I would say these problems exist in all societies, at all times. America is a very divided country at the moment. I see this country from the outside, being an immigrant myself, but I will say that it was notable these protests took place in New York, the city that was by far the most hit by the 9-11 attacks. A great majority of people in this city were against the Iraq war, and strongly disliked George W. Bush. I, for one, thinks this country would be much better off it they pulled back their military and spent the money on something else, like rebuilding American cities.


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