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The Snake At the Bottom of Every Bottle



Whatchu looking at? Cobra in Rice Whiskey Bottle at a bar in Park Slope.

4 thoughts on “The Snake At the Bottom of Every Bottle”

  1. Hello, looking on Google for Snake wine information I found your website, do you have anything more posted here related to Snake wine liquor ?
    Snake wine is shown there:

    I previously bought a snake wine I am now looking for any other creature wine as mice or tokay, any idea where to find ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  2. Kay,

    don’t have any info at all – I took this shot at a bar on 5th Ave in Brooklyn. I think it came from Thailand originally. I’ll get more info with the bar name and exact origins of the bottle – they have another snake wine bottle there as well – and will get back to you.

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