More Dumb Tourist Shots of the Heygate Estate


Taken Fall, 2008

As the Heygate Estate empties out – it is over fifty percent empty now and the first demolitions are scheduled to begin after the summer, what is lees and less clear is what will happen once the estate is demolished. The credit crunch has made the future of the Elephant and Castle regeneration uncertain. At the moment, it looks as if the estate could be pulled down and a vast moribund construction site be left in it’s place. For years. 

   At least it would slow down the gentrification of the Elephant. 



  1. Thanks CO – The Elephant and Castle in London’s near east end is Brooklyn – like. I first lived there in the late 80’s in a squat across the street from these huge towers. I’d always been fascinated by them – and 20 years later I ended up living there for six months. A curious experience. I kept a blog about it:

    New York and London run parallel in so many ways. The Heygate Estate is due to be knocked down this year, the whole area ‘regenerated’. Theoretically, this was supposed to benefit the people who lived there before the regeneration, in reality, should it actually happen, it will most likely be for rich people.

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