Back in the Elephant and Castle Train Station after three, four months away . . . 

    They’ve painted the handrails a glossy dark pink the same colour they painted the mall back in the early 90’s in the dark days of the last recession. Harbinger of things to come? 
    Bright new windmill which looks like a serrated barrel, spinning deliriously next to the old windmill, powering all of three or four flats I’m sure. 
   A| drunk screams abuse at no one in particular somewhere down the platform. A new hi-rise is going up up next to the tracks. 
   Claydon House as grim as ever, with a few more of those Death Star iron patches over the windows. Latin kids playfight in the stairwell, taking jabs at each other and edging up and down the stairs. Even with the greened up trees, the estate looks about as inviting as a keelhauled battleship.  As ever, Massive Attack goes well with the scene from No. 4 train platform, like a sound track to grey sky, the concrete gangways and the iron plates over the windows. 
   And so, London marches steadily on to 2012. Who will in the city after the Olympics have come and gone, I wonder? For those of you who are interested, I’d show you pictures if I hadn’t left my freakin’ camera in Toronto. Had to borrow these off the web.