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All the world and my neighborhood

Neighborhood gathered on the stoop for NY Times Group Photo

At eleven am last week my neighbors and I gathered for a group shot on a stoop in the sun to pose for the New York Times’ wonderful ‘Monent In Time’ series, photographs captured at exactly 15:00 U.T.C.

Though of course the photographs are heavily weighted to the West, pretty much every region of the world is represented.

6 thoughts on “All the world and my neighborhood”

  1. Behind the camera, silly. If you really want to dig through the whole NYTimes photo montage, you’ll find the photo with me in it. Somewhere.


  2. Cool! I always wanted to do this with the people in my building. For a long time, it felt like a family of strangers. These days, we’re all strangers…

    1. Hi – yeah, unfortunately we really are. This was a special occasion – the NY Times ‘Moment in Time’ series. Someone from the neighborhood rounded everyone up (and took the photograph, not this one, that was accepted). Funnily enough, I’ve often found Manhattan more neighborly than Brooklyn despite the latter’s reputation. Brooklyn can be a cold, cold place . . .

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