Faded Baseball Scoreboard, Uranium City

Photographs – Uranium City


  1. Worked there in 70 and 80. there for 8 years. Left on April 10 83 with family to Ontario and then to Campbell river, b c. Sad to see the ruins. this summermyself and new wife came up to fish for a week. had a great time. might come back. Ken

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m actually working on a UC website, which will be at ‘uraniumcity-history.com’. For the moment, you can see the site-in-progress at http:uc-history.tim-beckett.com. Not a great deal of content up at the moment, will be adding much more and taking it live in the weeks to come. Would be curious to hear your stories about UC, your time there. I was in UC twice, middle ’60s to very early ’70s, then 77-80. Very sad to go back and see it yes, but went back four times in all. Still a beautiful place in many ways, wish I could get back more often.



  2. I worked in the milling process at Eldorado Mines in 1979 and 1980. I lived in bunk house 1 then moved to bunkhouse 2 and eventually into the luxurious bunkhouse 5 !. I took pictures of the bunkhouse area, cook house and recreation ares but those photos were lost in a move sometime many years ago. Sure wish I still had them to share.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the message. Yeah – wish you still them too, would love to see them. Me and my friend used to hang around with one of the miners in the bunkhouse, young guy, can’t remember his name – or which bunkhouse. I used to spend a lot of time in the rec center, in the gym, the weight room, the movie theatre and the cafeteria. My friend was from Ireland, and we used to play snooker in the tables down near the entrance. I’ve been back a few times, and actually stayed in Eldorado – there was a lodge there for awhile. Nothing left but the roads, and one warehouse, and a level sand plain where the rec center used to be. Pretty eerie to see it.

      I’m actually putting up a site devoted to UC History, which will be at uraniumcity-history.com. Hope to have it up in a couple of weeks. There’s also a ‘Uranium City Friends’ fb page, and an Eldorado SK facebook page where people have put up a lot of great photos, memories etc.


  3. Tim

    I was born in Uranium City in 1960.

    My father was Dr James Gray a resident doctor in the town from 1956 through to 1967.

    We moved to New Zealand where myself and my siblings still reside.

    It is nice to see someone still with an interest in the town.

    I have often discussed with my family the idea of organising a trip back but with the busy lives we have never managed to do so.

    My older brother was fortunate to go back in the early 80s when he was doing his medical elective in Edmonton.

    Maybe one day we will return to visit and reflect on the great life and freedom we had growing up in the far north fishing and exploring the outdoors.

    Tim Gray

    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your message, Glad you liked the pix. Your father must have worked with my mother in the ’60s for a time, since she was a nurse at the hospital and we lived down at MASL, I think from 66 to 68 or 69. I would have been very young, but I still remember the sound of the float planes taking off and landing, one of the quintessential sounds of the North.

      I’ve been back a few times, fabulous country, which it was easier to get to, though I suppose the isolation was always part of the attraction.

      I have a more complete site (which I’ve been neglecting a bit over the last few months) with a good deal more material at:

      Best wishes,


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