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Taken Fall, 2008


  1. Hi Kiera,

    I’m back in New York now so haven’t been around the estate in a couple of months – but last I heard the estate was at least a third full. And hell, even if it’s empty, it’s worth having a look. At the earliest, demo will start this summer but with the credit crunch/ recession who can say what will happen. Maybe it will just sit empty for years . . .

  2. Hi Dear Heygate Live~
    this is Mina writing from Cambridge Uni.
    I am a Master student fr the Department of Land Eco. And i am currently working on a research projet related to the regeneration programme (or the gentrification process) at Elephant & Castle.
    Just wondering if you’ve been a resident @ E&C for quite some time or if you’ve friends who’ve been living in the area for years? If so, would you (and)or your friends mind being interviewed? Having heard all promises and aspirations fr the govt in creating mixed comm and social inclusive neighbourhoods, i am more interested in the indigeous residents’ views about the regeneration project and the changes (if any) in their daily experiences as a result of regene programme.
    My email address is
    Please feel free to drop me a note~~ Many thanks Dear Heygate Live~

  3. Ok, I’ll write you. Perhaps it’s not obvious on the blog, but I don’t actually live on the Heygate anymore. From what I hear no one actually lives on the Heygate anymore.

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