Obama . . . . America’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau?

Well, it’s early days yet. But Obama is one step closer. 

Interesting portrait of Obama in NY Times: 

Calm In the Swirl Of History

Too black for some, too white for others, educated at Harvard, self-made, raised by a single white mother after African father took off, deliberately chose to identify more with his black side (‘remade himself as a black man in Chicago’), arrogant, driven, a little ruthless, an expert on constitutional law, liberal, inexperienced, charismatic (etc) – as a Canadian, the figure Obama most recalls for me (substitute black for French-Canadian) is Pierre Elliot Trudeau,. Depending on your perspective, the best or worst prime minister in Canadian history (my vote is with the former). 

For American readers, Trudeau was Prime Minister for 16 years.