Writing Portfolio

Welcome to my long-neglected writing portfolio. I’m working on a much-updated site intended to work on a few things I’m currently working on. In the meantime, feel free to browse this mostly archived material.

  • Crossings
    From Granta: I was standing in front of our old house: 168 Atomic Drive, Uranium City. The street numbers just visible next to what remained of the front door. Up close, our house didn’t seem so ominous, not like the day before when I’d stood on top of the hill across the street and had… Read more: Crossings
  • Misfits
      Published in Urban Graffiti The camp was at the end of a dusty logging road, a hundred kilometers up from the highway. The only other settlement was a tiny Indian reserve, just visible through a stand of trees from the road. The camp consisted of four portable trailers, each a city block long, and… Read more: Misfits
  • Youth
    Published in Urban Graffiti She was striking, with high Indian cheekbones and olive skin and long brown hair she’d tied back in a ponytail with an Indian braid, and an athletic dancer’s figure which she’d wrapped in a ankle-length leather greatcoat. As she said hello in turn to everyone on the porch, I noticed that,… Read more: Youth
  • Photographs – Uranium City
  • Uranium City Return, Back to Edmonton
    published in Urban Graffiti, December, 2011 I hadn’t been back to Edmonton in nearly 20 years, not since I’d passed through with my parents at age 15 on my way back to Vancouver. I took the airport shuttle downtown to the bus station then checked in at the Grand Hotel across the street. The hotel… Read more: Uranium City Return, Back to Edmonton