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Let it snow, let it snow . . .

View of snowstorm through my window View from the window in the eye of the storm.

New York survived the blizzard. Schools closed, businesses closed, New Jersey closed – it was a big deal!  From my perspective, the worst thing was all the ice this morning, and the expectation of days of slush to come (a few years ago, when I was here for a big snowstorm, huge snowbanks blocked off streets in Manhattan and weary New Yorkers had to climb up down jump across the slush, then climb up and down again, repeating the cycle at the corner of each street).

As a Canadian, I am of course used to snowstorms. What amazes me, however, is how New Yorkers respond. In Toronto, people clear their sidewalks grudgingly. In Montreal, where block long convoys of snowploughs and dumptrucks have most streets clear by dawn in even the heaviest of blizzards, the ice can remain on the sidewalks for weeks, even months. On my Brooklyn street, my mostly black American and West Indian neighbors are out almost as soon as the snow starts falling, and will come out repeatedly through the night and into the morning. You can hear them at three am, shovels scraping steps and sidewalks, like there is some sort of competition over who can get their steps and patch of sidewalk clean first. By morning, everyone is out on the street, shouting over the street, commiserating, even going over to help people stuck in deeper than the others.

It’s really one of the few times people on this street openly greet each other, a reminder that New Yorkers like to connect through calamities, big and small . . .

Brooklyn in the eye of the storm

Nice slideshow of reader photos in New York Times

5 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow . . .”

    1. Thanks CO, glad you liked it. Hope you survived the snowstorm okay. Must have been beautiful in Manhattan – a lingering cold kept me from getting out too much.

      Wanted to comment on your site a couple of times but you have the comments off.


    1. Oh yeah. Give me snow over slush anytime. Hell, I”m from Canada originally so I grew up with this – but it’s amazing how quickly you forget. When it goes on and on like this, I wonder how I ever did it . . . plenty more snow to come the next day or two, so the folks on my street will be busy . . .

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